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A Letter from the Creator of WhiskeyWright:

Dear supporters of WhiskeyWright,

WhiskeyWright, the wonderful whiskey you have grown to love, must and will continue. The people that have supported WhiskeyWright from nothing but a sample bottle deserve nothing less. I deeply appreciate the continued support, and my commitment to making delicious whiskey remains unwavering. Additionally, we will continue co-packing for various spirit entrepreneurs.

Please be advised that the WhiskeyWright brand will be enveloped by my new entity, Wright Distillery. Under Wright Distillery, we will produce WhiskeyWright Cherrywood Smoked Whiskey, The E.W. Collection American Single Malt whiskey, my signature Bourbon, and many others to come. Wright Distillery will also be responsible for co-packing operations for all spirit entrepreneurs.

Be sure to stay tuned and visit www.wrightdistillery.com for more information. For all new spirit inquiries and business information, please direct them to wrightdistillery@gmail.com.


Edwin Wright

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