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EST. 2015

Whiskey Wright Handcrafted spirits company

Whiskey Wright Handcrafted Spirits Company.

In 2015 I was hit with the idea to infuse alcohol much like when I smoke a brisket or a pork shoulder. I experimented with different methods of smoke infusion and after a few taste tests, many people were asking me where they could buy it.

In 2016 I developed a method to infuse the smoke flavor in the whiskey. Trial and error brought me to a method that was just right.

After testing it at the bar I was convinced that this needed to be my life. I gave a sample to the Chief Engineer, my business partner, Ray Robinson and he loved it.

While a Chef at the Hilton Garden Inn, I have the freedom to experiment with different flavors and recipes. I would smoke pork and beef for dinners or banquets and combine different smoke flavors in different meats to test out the balance of a particular smoke flavor paired with alcohol. Pairing became something that interested me. I came across an article about how the Virginia ABC made it legal to infuse spirits which revved up my interest in smoke essence even more. So after searching the internet for a device to infuse smoke in liquids and only finding small handheld gadgets, I did what anyone else would do; I made my own. My inner inventor came out and designed a smoke infusion device that would infuse smoke flavors in larger amounts of liquid. Everyone knew when I was working because they could smell the aroma from the kitchen. I infused the smoke so well that I set off the fire alarm once.

I used liquor from the bar to make several combinations which included Cherrywood, Applewood, Hickory, Mesquite, and Pecan. Each flavor was represented in a range of liquors from Whiskey to Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and even Gin. I debuted the concoctions at a hotel event and surveyed around 75-100 people who tried each one. Around 75 of them had a positive reaction to the whiskies and about 60 had very strong reactions to the Cherrywood and the Applewood to the point where they were asking to buy them right then or how could they find it. The expression of support from many of the people who were so pleased with tasting something so unique was very encouraging. That’s when I knew there was something to this. My excitement and my courage to step out and form a business began. This is where the transition from Chef to Distiller began. As a Chef, I felt it a natural transition to Distiller because in my mind a recipe is for food as a mash bill is for alcohol.

EST. 2015

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Whiskey Wright Fine Handcrafted Spirits Company

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EST. 2015

Our Process gives you the smoothest whiskey

Our process is simple. We use quality ingredients, a natural water filtration process and a proprietary smoke infusion process to give you some of the smoothest whiskey you’ve ever tasted.

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To be a pioneering company, that utilizes innovative agricultural approaches through the use of infused industrial hemp to create premium Spirits and beverages. We dare to leave elephant-sized footprints in the beverage industry by honoring our legacy and embracing our future.

EST. 2015

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WhiskeyWright™ Fine Handcrafted Spirit Co. will make handcrafted liquor using various recipes for Whiskey, and Rum. There is a distillery built in the Northern Virginia region that will also serve to provide merchandise to guests.

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